Hi Folks,
Pic of the Month #2.

One of San Francisco's most visited & charming sites, The Legion of Honor Museum. This photo was
commissioned to celebrate the new lighting of this wonderful San Francisco Landmark in conjunction with it's
architectural renovation and expansion.

This picture was taken in 1996.
It was a cold and very windy evening. So windy that 2 large 4' x 8' foot rigid foam panels were place adjacent to
the camera to block the path of the wind.
Exposure time around 50 seconds at f32


Client: Bega.
Lighting Design: Patricia Glasow IALD, MIES, LC, of Auerbach + Glasow Lighting Design, San Francisco.
Patty assisted and went up on a scissors lift to add a light shield to each of the high HID Bega fixtures.

My assistants for this picture were Barry Muniz and Ron Igoe. It takes quite a bit of watering to cover such a large area.
In many cases the area you watered first is dry by the time you complete the watering. Speed is essential.
All went well until the water spigot with an attached long hose failed to shut off. A quick trip to a local hardware store for a
pair of needle nosed Vise Grip pliers and the problem was solved.
I also learned that water can seep into your camera case foam through the tiny spaces between the layers of riveted metal.
The case foam works well to absorb lots of water.
Also, this shot was attempted the night before. The famous San Francisco fog was in rare form. The fog was so bad that you could barely see from one end of the courtyard to the other. The extra night to prep insured a spectacular result.

What a difference a day makes.


Douglas A. Salin, Photographer
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